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Selling Your Property

Selling Your Property

Every home seller likes to have some input into axactly how their home will be marketed. Extensive and on-going research ensures that the best marketing options for your home are selected. Whether it's the selection and timing of advertising media, or property detailing to ensure your home is presented to its best advantage or how best to present your home for viewing.

We devote a great amount of time, energy and resources to the owners who have trusted us with the sale of their home, communication being a vital component of this service.

We also specialise in assisting owners who are living abroad to sell their real estate in New Zealand. Once you have chosen us to handle the sale of your real estate we will:

1. Handle the transaction from start to finish.

2. Provide comprehensive information to substantiate your current market value.

3. Market the property extensively.

4. Whilst still involving you at all times, negotiate on your behalf and to achieve the best possible results for you.


You wouldn't hire the first person who dropped their CV off in response to a job advertisement, so why would you choose a real estate agent on the strength of one flyer in your letterbox? Picking the right person to sell your house makes a big difference to the outcome. When selling your property choosing your agent could be the most important decision you have to make.

Locate The Specialist In Your Area

I have specialised in residentail real estate in the Feilding District for more than 28 years and during that time have built up a large market share.

Obtain Referrals From People You Know

Jacqui has testimonials available endorsing her commitment & work ethic.

Websites and Advertising

An internet search will offer more information about salespeople in your area. Harcourts Feilding - Google Us

Visit Open Homes In Your Area

See how agents conduct themselves. Get an idea of how buyers will be treated when they come through your property.

The Right Fit

Feel free to ring a few agents, and ask them for a meeting to see how they interact with you, whether they are the kind of salesperson you want handling your sale.

Track Records & Testimonials

Ask salespeople for evidence of their track records. "What have they sold, have the vendors been happy? Lots of agents talk a lot but they shold have the evidence to back up up." Its not about what we say, its about what we do.

Great Communication Skills are Vital

A good agent will keep up communication with the vendors all the time, letting them know how their marketing campaign is going, what interest there has been and any feedback from buyers. You needs an agent who is not afraid to tell it how it really is.

Keep an Open Mind

Do not decide to go with a real estate agent purely because they quote the highest price for your property. Some Vendors may be swayed by the highest figure but if its too high a property could stay on the market for a long time. I can provide accurate and recent sales statistics to help you price your property.

Knowledge Of The Market

With more than 28 years in the industry. I have a good knowledge of the local market place.

Property Type versus Agent Experience

Over the years we have dealt with properties in all price ranges and of all types. We are confident that our service is backed with a hugh level of experience and a desire to achieve the best possible price in the shortest partical time for our vendors.

Jacqui Campion


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